9:40 until about 9:51 a.m.

Cho goes across the hall from room 206 and enters room 207, an elementary German class. He shoots instructor Christopher James Bishop and students near the front of the classroom, then starts down the aisle, shooting others. Cho leaves the classroom to go back into the hall.

Students in room 205, attending Haiyan Cheng’s class on issues in scientific computing, hear Cho’s gunshots. (Cheng was a graduate assistant substituting for the professor that day.) The students barricade the door and prevent Cho’s entry despite his firing at them through the door.

Meanwhile, in room 211, Jocelyne M. Couture-Nowak is teaching French. She and her class hear the shots, and she asks student Colin Goddard to call 911. A student tells Couture-Nowak to put the desk in front of the door, which is done, but Cho manages to nudge the door open. Cho walks down the rows of desks shooting people. Goddard is shot in the leg. Student Emily Haas picks up the cell phone Goddard dropped. She begs the police to hurry. Cho hears Haas and shoots her, grazing her twice in the head. She falls and plays dead, though keeping the phone cradled under her head and the line open. Cho says nothing when he enters the room or during the shooting. (Three students who pretend to be dead survive.)